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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top Stacks Twenty From The Money

Event 1 (Day 1)
Level 14 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entries: 332
Players Remaining: 56
Chip Average: 120,000
Don Lohr is sitting with a top five stack as the $100,000 GTD Event 1 is just twenty places from the money. 
We are officially twenty players from the money here in the Card Player Poker Tour $100,000 GTD Event 1 and it's about time we bring you some of the big and notable stacks from around the room.

Most of those big stacks belong to players that we've profiled so far today, but there are a few newcomers to the list, including Don Lohr (Grotin, CT) who just eliminated a short stack to move over the 250,000 chip mark when his [Jc][Jd] spiked a set on the river against a player with [Ac][Kd] after the flop came down King high.

Almost immediately after Lohr's small victory, Stephanie Hubbard was taking in a massive pot at her table, when she read an opponent's raise on a board of [7h][Jh][6c][Kd] as weak, moving all-in and forcing a fold to continue to her assault on the field into Level 14.

It should be a tense next level or so as we play down to the money bubble and we expect to see some changes to this list by the time we do hit the money, but here are your current chip leaders and notable stacks in Event 1:

Doug Lyford - 345,000
Stephanie Hubbard - 270,000
Don Lohr - 250,000
Ralph Macri - 235,000
Stan Shaw - 230,000
Peter Sennon - 220,000
Soukha Kachittavong - 220,000
Nick Palma - 160,000
Chris Tryba - 150,000
Jake Vo - 110,000
Ryan Eriquezzo - 85,000
Chris Leong - 80,000