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Saturday, January 31, 2015

"Seat Open!"

Event 1 (Day 1)
Level 8 (250/500/75)
Total Entries: 313

We are mid-way through Level 8 and since this is the last level before late registration, the calls of "seat open" have been coming from dealers in nearly every corner of the tournament area, as players are looking to jam their short stacks in to either double up or get a re-entry slip instead of playing a "short stack".

It's not surprising to see players firing a second or third bullet in this event, as there is already close to $170,000 in the prize pool, well over the original guarantee put on this event, giving this tournament even more "value" than before.

Players entering or re-entering before the end of this level will be sold a full 20,000 chip starting stack, which equates to 40 big blinds and plenty of room to play after the late reg period closes.

When it does, we will bring you a finalized player count for Event 1 and then turn our attention to the task at hand here in Day 1, as the "surviving" players will all look to bag up chips and advance to tomorrow's Day 2 session.