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Saturday, January 31, 2015

From 50K To 250K Real Quick

Event 1 (Day 1)
Level 15 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entries: 332
Players Remaining: 49
Chip Average: 135,000
Joe Pereira
Joe Pereira was sitting with under half the chip average when we walked the tournament area to get chip counts a few minutes ago and after back-to-back massive hands, he's now sitting with just over 250,000 after tripling up in the first and getting three streets of value from Stan Shaw in the second.

The first hand saw two players limp in early and late position, Pereira complete the small blind and the big blind check his option to see a [Js][6c][2c] flop.

The big blind would check and the player in early position (X) would bet out 8,000.

The limper in late position (Y) would then raise to 19,000 and the action would then be on Pereira.

After a few moments of thought and perhaps hesitation, Pereira announced himself "all-in" for just over 55,000 chips.

After the big blind got out of the way, the action was back on Player X, who after close to a minute of thought, re-shoved having both players covered.

Player Y would snap call and the hands were then turned up, with everyone having a piece of the flop.

Player Y held the best of it, with [2d][2h], but both of his opponents had outs they could hit on the turn and river, as Pereira held [6d][2s] and Player X held [Jc][10c].

The hand was wrapped up on the turn though, as the [6s] fell, giving Pereira a superior full house, leaving both Players X and Y drawing dead and crippled below the 15 big blind mark.

After the inconsequential river, the dealer would count out the main pot that would be Pereira's, which totaled close to 170,000 when it was all said and done.

He wouldn't be done there though, as the very next hand, he'd call a raise from Stan Shaw on the button and, long story short, turn a set and river quads, getting close to 70,000 chips from Shaw in the process.

From one of the smaller stacks in the field to one of the biggest, Pereira will certainly be a player to watch as we play down to the money and beyond as he looks to continue his "heater" mid-way through Level 15.