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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ching Flips Right In Blind Vs. Blind

Event 1 (Day 1)
Level 10 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 332
Players Remaining: 130
Chip Average: 55,000
Ching Poon (Staten Island, NY)
We saw an rush of eliminations as we headed to the last break and the "seat open" calls have continued at a pretty steady pace over the last hour or so, with multiple tables breaking mid-way through Level 10.

This will be the final break before the hour long dinner break and one player who looks poised to enter that recess with one of the bigger stacks in the room is Ching Poon (Staten Island, NY) who just made a tough call in a blind versus blind encounter for most of his stack with a pair of fives. 

The action was picked up as a central table folded around to a short stacked player in the small blind, who would then move all-in for just under 10,000.

Poon would be in the big blind and while he looked interested, he had to take a tally of his remaining stack before going any further, as he'd be cut down significantly if he were to call and lose the hand. 

Poon would eventually commit the chips and table [5c][5s] flipping against the [Qd][10c] of the unknown player. 

The board ran out [7h][8s][3d][Ks][As]and Poon would take in the pot, chipping him up and over the chip average after making the correct decision in a very critical early spot. 

Players are on a slightly abbreviated schedule and will go on a 60 minute dinner break at the end of this level. 

They will then return with seven more levels left in the night to finish this Day 1 session.