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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Approaching 300 Players On Second Break

Event 1 (Day 1)
Level 6 (150/300/25)
Total Entries: 290

Players are now on their second break of the day with this $100,000 GTD Event 1 field just under the 300 player mark.

That number represents "total entries" though and judging by a quick walk of the tournament area, we'll tell you that there are certainly less than that remaining in the field, as a few dozen or so players have already busted out of Event 1.

We expect to see some of those bust outs back in the field though, as this event allows late registration and unlimited re-entry though Level 8, giving players just under an hour and a half to get into the $100,000 GTD action.

This is also structured as a two day event, so while this field will probably peak around the 350 player mark, we will not be in for a marathon title run here, as Event 1 will end Day 1 after the completion of Level 17, with the surviving players bagging and tagging their chips to play down to a winner tomorrow.

When players return from break we will continue to update you on notable players in the field.