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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Championship NLH: Elias off to a Fast Start

$2,500 Championship NLH
$250,000 Guaranteed
Level 3: 100/200
Total Entries: 69
Livestream Feature Table: Twitch.TV/FoxwoodsPoker 

Darren Elias

We caught up to the four handed action on the J♣️10♣️7♠️ flop and it checked to Ryan Mostofa who bet 4,000.

Darren Elias check-raised to 6,000 and Mostafa called. They went heads up to the 8♠️ turn and both players checked.

The 8♦️ completed the board and Elias fired out a bet of 8,000. After giving it some thought Mostafa folded and Elias took the pot.

Elias is off to a fast start and he has already more than doubled his 40,000 starting stack.

Darren Elias- 82,000
Ryan Mostafa- 42,000