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Monday, May 15, 2017

Event #8 - Zhi Wu Nearly Triples

Level: 21
Blinds: 5,000/10,000
Ante:  1,000
Entries: 408
Current Players Remaining: 20
Average Chips: 354.782
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There's around 100,000 in the middle, and the board reads 7♠7♣2♠. The player on the button is all in, Zhi Wu has checked in middle position, and Endi Leka has bet 60,000 in the hijack.  With action back on Wu, he announces that he is all in, and Leka asks for a count. Upon hearing the 152,000 total, Leka pauses for nearly a minute before calling.

Button: A10♣
Wu: 1010♠
Leka: 99♠

The Q♣ turn and K river do not change the outcome of the hand, and the button is eliminated, while Wu more than doubles up. 

Zhi Wu - 800,000 (80 bb)
Endi Leka - 225,000 (22 bb)