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Monday, May 15, 2017

Event # 8, Day 2 - Artim Zhuta Eliminated in 30th Place ($910), Frankie Flowers Increases Chip Lead

Level: 19
Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante:  1,000
Entries: 408
Current Players Remaining: 29
Average Chips: 291.428
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Artime Zhuta shoves all in for around 70,000 in middle position. It folds to Frankie Flowers in the big blind, and Flowers pauses.  After nearly a minute and a half, Flowers moves chips forward to call.

Zhuta: A♠3
Flowers: A♣5♠

The flop comes 9♠3♠2♣, giving Zhuta the lead with a pair of threes.  He increases that lead when the turn comes the 9 giving him two pair.  But the 4 on the river gives Flowers a straight to eliminate Zhuta in 30th place.

Zhuta crumples up his media identification card, says, "On the river," and walks away to the payout desk.

After Zhuta walks away a player not involved in the hand says, "I mean, he did get it in bad."

Flowers was the first player over the million chip mark, and is now sitting with 1,225,000.

Frankie Flowers - 1,225,000
Artim Zhuta - Eliminated in 30th place, for $910