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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Event #16B ($2,200 NLH Main Event) - Flight B Advancing Players (By Chip Count)

Chris Orme - Chip Leader of Flight B
The final starting flight (Flight B) of the $2,200 No-Limit Hold'em Championship drew a total of 174 entries. After nine levels of play, 73 players are advancing to Day 2.  Those 73 players will join with the 18 players advancing from Flight A (and any that choose to direct-buy into Day 2), and will return to play Day 2 on Sunday at 11 am.  Because players are allowed to enter up until the start of play on Day 2, the prizepool has not yet been calculated. The prizepool will be tabulated and posted as soon as it's available sometime after 11 am on Sunday.

Chris Orme ended as the Flight B chip leader with 233,500. Orme started building early in the day and took the chip lead in Level 3 after sending a player home holding a set of jacks against his opponent's two pair. Orme then went on to eliminate Galen Hall shortly after, pushing him to the head of the pack.  Orme was always one of the top three to four biggest stacks throughout the day.

Coming in second from Flight B is Benny Bianco, with 207,100. Julian Sacks rounds out the top three, ending the night with 195,800.

Over the course of the day many notables fell including Michael Dobbs, Vanessa Selbst, Joe Heinzmann, John Caputo, and Laurie Hilton. All of these players still have the option to buy in directly to Day 2 on Sunday at 11 am if they so choose.

James Frangoulidis was the only player to bag in both flights. He bagged 21,400 in Flight A, and then bagged 37,600 in today's Flight B. Since this is a best stack forward event, he will carry only his higher stack forward to Day 2.

Here is a look at the 73 players advancing from Flight B (by chip count):

Name: Chip Count:
Orme, Chris 233,500
Bianco, Benny 207,100
Sacks, Julian 195,800
Rawlinson, Kenneth 182,500
Donovan, Zach 182,200
Lucci, Gary 168,600
Yiovanakos, John 132,400
Wong, She Lok 131,500
Kue, Tou 129,800
Neto, Aristoteles 126,500
Kachittavong, Soukha 122,000
Lee, Seunghwan 122,000
Himpele, Don 119,800
Sciannameo, Carlo 116,600
Scannell, Jim 114,600
Mock, David 113,000
Albay, Albert 110,900
Drory, Joseph 106,700
Owera, Rami 103,000
St. Vincent, Brad 101,500
Mobark, Scott 90,900
Panetti, Ivano 87,100
Meaney, Frank 85,700
Thoren, Eric 84,000
Al-Shurieki, Samer 83,300
Israelashvili, Roland 81,700
Berlin, Nachman 77,000
McConnell, Patrick 77,000
Mangiafico, Sal 75,300
Hukmani, Rohit 73,700
McKenna, Jeremiah 72,800
Ritchie, Jason 67,600
Costa, Zac 63,500
Pessolano, Nick 61,500
Allen, Larry 61,100
Smith, Guy 55,800
Hall, Galen 54,800
Leka, Endi 54,200
Franklin, Edward 52,300
Andrews, John 52,200
Waaland, Cory 51,800
Masi, Vito 50,600
Himmelbrand, Greg 47,900
Avery, Corbin 47,600
Bak, Daniel 47,100
Patel, Bhavin 45,500
Smith, Aaron 43,000
Gulati, Tarun 42,100
Dang, Vinny 41,000
Frangoulidis, James 37,600
Pelli, Dominick 36,700
Eyzaguirre, Ricardo 35,500
Brackesy, Steven 35,000
Harris, Anthony 35,000
Macht, Timothy 34,700
Oh, Jewook 32,900
Tong, Jiqiang 32,800
Montes, Jose 31,100
Grandieri, David 30,000
Bonita, Michael 28,800
Shetty, Sirish 28,800
Ticktin, Rob 28,200
Driscoll, Ted 27,700
Studentsov, Yevgeniy 27,500
Palma, Nicholas 26,600
Reyes, Jose 24,800
Leskowitz, Bryan 23,000
Devore, Sundiata 22,800
Martin, Dan 19,700
Monosson, Lauren 19,600
Espinola, David 19,100
Aiello, Gerald 18,000
Dentale, Mike 9,200