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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Event #16 ($2,200 NLH Main Event) - Roland Israelashvili Shoves on Brad St. Vincent and Vanessa Selbst

Level: 13
Blinds: 1,000/2,000
Ante: 300
Number of Entries: 247
Current Players Remaining: 55
Average Chip Stack: 134,727
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Brad St. Vincent opens to 4,500 in middle position, and Vanessa Selbst calls on the button.  Roland Israelashvili pauses for a few seconds in the small blind, and then announces that he is all in, and starts pushing his stacks of chips forward.

St. Vincent folds, and Selbst folds as well.

"Classic squeeze," a player not involved in the hand says quietly.

Roland Israelashvili - 75,000
Brad St. Vincent - 105,000
Vanessa Selbst - 85,000