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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Two Pair for Debbie Silve (Event #11 - $250 Ladies)

Debbie Silve
On a board reading [as][9h][8h], a player in the small blind checks, as does the big blind, and Debbie Silve bets 2,000 in middle position.  Only the small blind calls. 

The small blind checks the [3s] turn, and Silve bets 3,000.  Her opponent calls.

Both players check the [6d] river. 

Silve turns over [ah][3h] for two pair.  Her opponent sarcastically says, "Nice," as she flashes [ad][7d], then throws them into the muck. 

Silve is now sitting with around 30,000 in chips. 

At the present moment there are 58 entries, and players are just about to take their first break of the day.