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Saturday, February 13, 2016

John Lyons Doubles Set Over Set (Event #12A - $1,650 Main)

John Lyons
John Lyons raised pre-flop and got two callers.

The flop came [qs][9h][ac].  It checked around to Lyons who bet 1,000.  One of his opponents folded, and the other called. 

The [4s] came on the turn.  His opponent checked, Lyons bet 3,000, his opponent raised to 8,000, Lyons re-raised to 18,000, his opponent shoved all in, and Lyons snap-called. 

Lyons turned over [qc][qd] for a set of queens versus his opponent's [9d][9c] (set of nines).  The other player that folded on the flop said that he had folded pocket fours, and would have turned a set as well. 

The river was the [7s], sending his opponent to the rail, and doubling Lyons up to just under 60,000.