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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Early Triple Up in Event #12, Flight B

Vinod Ramnani Triples Up in Level 2
In the second level of the day (50/100 blinds) on a board reading [9c][8d][2c][6s], Vinod Ramnani bets out from the small blind, James Magner calls in middle position, and the player in the cutoff shoves all in, having both players covered.

Ramnani quickly calls the all in for less, and James Magner is also all in for less than the cutoff, but more than Ramnani.

Ramnani: [8s][8h] (set of eights)
Magner: [kc][qc] (flush draw)
Cutoff: [6c][8c] (two pair, and flush draw)

Fortunately for Ramnani, the [10s] on the river is safe for him, and he is awarded a full triple up  to 90,000.  Magner is eliminated from play, and the player in the cutoff is left with 1,500 in chips.