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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Double Up for Sirish Shetty (Event #12, Flight A)

Jonas Bendiks Contemplates Calling Sirish Shetty's All-In
Sirish Shetty raises to 2,000 in middle position.  Jonas Bendiks reraises to 5,000.  Action folds back around to Shetty who shoves all in.  Bendiks asks for a count and upon hearing the 57,300 total, goes into the tank. 

"This is the second time such a thing has happened," Bendiks says aloud.  He then turns towards Shetty and says, "You like high variance spots, that's for sure." 

After a minute of thinking, Bendiks calls the all in. 

Shetty:  [ac][ah]
Bendiks: [as][ks]

The flop comes [qh][10h][2d], keeping Shetty's aces in the lead, but giving Bendiks a gut shot straight draw.  Fortunately for Shetty, the [6d] turn and [ad] river are safe, and he is awarded a full double up near the end of the Day.

Sirish Shetty - 121,000
Jonas Bendiks - 15,500