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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Event #1 - Rob Garrett Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,948)

Rob Garrett - 6th Place - $17,948
Blinds: 50,000/100,000
Ante: 10,000

Hand #1: 

Rob Garrett shoves all in from the hijack.  Action folds to Stefan Parchev in the big blind who asks if Garrett has him covered.  It's determined they have almost equal chip stacks, with Garrett having Parchev covered by less than a single big blind (100,000).  Parchev hesitantly calls. 

Garrett:  [7c][7h]
Parchev: [jd][jh]

The flop comes [ac][6s][4s].  When the [5s] comes on the turn, Garrett picks up an open ended straight draw.  But the [6c] on the river ensures that Parchev will win the pot and Garrett is left with less than 100,000 in chips. 

Stefan Parchev - 4,125,000
Rob Garrett - 100,000

Hand #2:  

Having only 60,000, Rob Garrett is all in for less in the big blind. 

Carlo Sciannameo calls under the gun, as does Jeffrey Yanchek in the hijack, Peter Sennon in the cutoff, and Mark Bulbulian in the small blind. 

All the players check it down as the board runs out [ah][7c][2d][2s][jh]. 

Bulbulian turns over [kd][jc] for a pair of jacks, and Sciannameo folds, as do Yanchek, and Sennon. 

Garrett slowly turns over the [3s], having looked for the first time.  Then he slowly turns over [7h].  Bulbulian's jacks will take it all, and Garrett is eliminated in 6th place, taking home $17,948.