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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Event #1, Day 3 - Jon Reinhardt Takes From Jeffrey Yanchek

Jon Reinhardt raises to 125,000 in the cutoff, and Jeffrey Yanchek calls in the big blind.

Yanchek checks the [as][9c][3c] flop, and Reinhard continues for 125,000.  Yanchek calls.

When the turn comes the [10s], Yanchek checks a second time, and Reinhardt bets 200,000.  Yanchek calls.

When the river comes the [4d], Yanchek checks a third time, and Reinhardt bets 125,000.  Yanchek releases his hand.

Jon Reinhardt - 2,200,000
Jeffrey Yanchek - 3,700,000

11 Players remain, and we are currently on the final table bubble.  Avg. chip stack is  2,227,272.