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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dave Stefanski Eliminated in 14th Place ($6,045)

Blinds: 25,000/50,000
Ante: 5,000

Carlo Sciannameo raises to 110,000 on the button, and Dave Stefanski calls in the small blind.  Mark Bulbulian shoves all in from the big blind for 575,000.  Sciannameo raises to 1,275,000.  With action back on Stefanski he pauses to think for a few moments before announcing that he is all in.  Sciannameo looks at his cards, shrugs his shoulders, counts his chips, and slowly calls Stefanski's all-in. 

Sciannameo: [jh][js]
Stefanski: [10s][10d]
Bulbulian: [ah][qs]

The flop comes [kd][9s][3c], and the turn the [2s].  It's the [ad] on the river that ensures Bulbulian a full triple up.  Stefanski is eliminated in 14th place taking home $6,045, and Sciannameo takes the side pot. 

Mark Bulbulian - 2,150,000
Carlo Sciannameo - 4,900,000
Dave Stefanski - Eliminated

Dave Stefanski - 14th Place - $6,045