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Sunday, February 1, 2015

CPPT Event 1: 5th Place - Lyford ($9,217)

Event 1 (Day 2)
Level 27 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 332
Players Remaining: 4
Chip Average: 1,600,000
Doug Lyford will make just over $9,000 for his Event 1 Final Table finish, the biggest score of his tournament career.
Doug Lyford has been an interesting player to watch at the Final Table, while other players are playing big pots and throwing chips around, Lyford's been very quiet, patiently waiting for chances to double up.

We can't really blame him, as he's been well below the chip average since doubling up as he hasn't had many playable hands or spots to work with, but he just found one and would be unlucky to to get a double up against the chip leader, Rami Jradeh.

Lyrfod would move all-in over top of Rami's pre-flop bet for just over 350,000 more left for Rami to call.

It looked like he really didn't want to, but he eventually did, tabling [8c][6c].

Even though he just had eight high, he'd be live and basically flipping against Lyford's [Ac][9d].

The [5d][10c][7c] flop gave Rami the world, as he had straight, flush and pair outs with two cards to come.

The [5h] wouldn't change anything on the turn, but the [Qc] on the river would send us to a four handed Final Table as Rami would hit his flush and Lyford would be eliminated in 5th place, making just over $9,000 for his efforts.

That would be the biggest score of his tournament career and while he said he has to go back to the "real world and his job tomorrow", we will keep an eye out for him throughout the rest of the series heading into next weekend as he might just want to come back and take a shot in the Card Player Poker Tour $300,000 GTD Main Event.

Players are ten minutes from another break where we will list the updated chip counts of the remaining four players.