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Saturday, February 7, 2015

CPPT Event 9: 3rd Place - Sharman Olshan ($5,065)

Event 9
Level 29 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total Entrants: 195
Players Remaining: 2
Chip Average: 1,900,000
Sharman Olshan (Buffalo, NY)
After the elimination of Chris Leong in 4th place, Tom Cady held a sizable advantage on the other two players remaining, Sharman Olshan and Michael Guzzardi.

Cady would use some aggression and a timely run of cards to chip the two down and it would be Sharman who would be the first to hit the rail, as she moved all-in for her final 400,000 chips and get called by Cady who had her dominated.

Sharman held [Ah][8h] and Cady held [Ac][Qs] and he'd admit that he's "been getting good cards" and when he hasn't had the best of it "he's sucked out a few times".

Sharman would be the one needing to suck out here though and after she couldn't find a pair to save her tournament life she'd be eliminated in 3rd place, making just over $5,000 for her efforts.

Sharman was pegged as an "early" chip leader after the dinner break as well as the last woman left in the field and managed to best the former deepest run from a female player in this Card Player Poker Open after Stephanie Hubbard finished 9th in Event 1.

We are now heads up for the Event 9 title with Tom Cady holding a sizable 2:1 chip advantage.