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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Doubling Down To Move Up The Leaderboard

CPPT Main Event (Flight A)
Level 10 (400/800/100)
Total Entrants: 188
Players Remaining: 101
Aaron Shepard (Plymouth, NH)
It's not every day that you see two players get close to 70,000 chips in the middle of the pot with neither player holding a "made" hand, but that's exactly what happened just minutes ago at a central table as Jeffery Giordano and Aaron Shepard got it all-in on a board of [10h][5d][3h][Qd].

The action was picked up with Shepard and Giordano checking in early position. An unknown player in late position would then throw out a bet of 6,000 and Shepard would check raise to 18,000.

Giordano would then move all-in for just over 30,000 and the unknown player would hem and haw about his decision for close to a minute and a half, eventually folding.

Shepard would sigh and throw a single red 5,000 value chip across the line indicating a call and table [9h][2h] for a flush draw.

Giordano would also not have a made hand, as he held [Kc][Js] for a straight draw.

It was an interesting spot as Shepard had more "outs" to make his hand, but Giordano didn't "have" to hit his to survive, as his King high would play and win the pot if the board bricked out.

It didn't though, as the [Kh] cruelly fell on the river, pairing Giordano but given Shepard his flush.

The rest of the table seemed in near shock, with Teddy Geddes joking "My man's clearly a blackjack player, double down man." at the holdings of both players as someone usually has "something" when there are two all-ins within a single hand.

But Shepard's draw turned into "something" which was enough to win him the pot and move him up over the 150,000 chip mark and towards the top of the Card Player Poker Tour Main Event leaderboard.