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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Event #1B: Michael Simoneau Sends Two Home

Event #1B: $600 No-Limit Hold'em  $500,000 Guaranteed
Level: 8
Blinds: 250/500
Ante: 75
Current Entries: 359
Current Players Remaining: 223
Current Chip Average: 32,197
Feature Table Live Stream:

Michael Simoneau

Michael Simoneau seems to be on a great run, after eliminating two players in back to back hands.

Hand #1:

The first hand, there was a three way all in involving the following hands:

Simoneau (under the gun): A♠A♣
Louis Scianna (big blind - having both players covered): 9♣9
Mark Awalt (cutoff): Q♣10

The flop comes QQ♠4♠ causing table mate David Carleton to say to Awalt, "You are so lucky, dude." To which Awalt responds, "Yeah, until the ace comes on the river."

The 2 on the turn does not change the hand, but when the A does in fact arrive on the river the table errupts in shock.

"Wow dude, you so called that," Carleton says to Awalt, "Get back in here."  Awalt confirms he will be re-entering as he starts to head to the cage.

Michael Simoneau - 40,000
Louis Scianna - 25,000
Mark Awalt - Eliminated with option to re-enter

Hand #2:

David Carleton

The very next hand, David Carleton raises to 1,500 in early position. A player in later position calls, and Michael Simoneau moves all in from the big blind.

"Wish me luck," Carleton says as he moves his 11,500 in chips forward to call.

Carleton: JJ♣
Simoneau: AK

The flop comes A♣Q♣9♠.

"Will it work if I call for a jack on the river?" Carleton asks, referring to the last hand when Mark Awalt predicted his demise on the river.

The turn is the 9♣ giving Carleton additional club flush outs.  But unfortunately, the river is the 3, and he is sent to the cage to re-enter.

Michael Simoneau - 55,000
David Carleton - Eliminated with option to re-enter