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Monday, March 19, 2018

Event 14: Glen Thompson Leads Day 1C

Event 14: $400 NLH $250,000 Guarantee
End of Level 15: 1,200/2,400/400
Day 1C Entries: 105
Day 1C Players Remaining: 26

Glen Thompson
Day 1C of Event 14 has come to an end and after 15 levels of play it's Glen Thompson leading the way with 190,000. Thompson shot to the top of the counts in one of the last hands of the night after turning a straight against the flush draw and top two pair of his opponents.

26 players from this flight will be advancing to Day 2 on Wednesday March 21. Below is a look at some of the big stacks from our third flight. A full list of advancing Day 2 players with chip counts will be posted shortly.

Glen Thompson- 190,000
Michael Thompson- 156,000
Eric Vogel- 150,500
Tim Lahey- 116,000
Jeff Maynard- 102,000
Sara Stohler- 74,500