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Monday, March 19, 2018

Event 14: Lucky Sevens for Jim McGonagle

Event 14: $400 NLH $250,000 Guarantee
Level 11: 500/1,000/100
Day 1C Entries: 105
Day 1C Players Remaining: 45

Jim McGonagle
We catch up to the four handed action on a flop of Q♣️J♣️7♦️. Jim McGonagle checks and the player in middle postion bets 7,000. The player in the cutoff makes the call and the button moves all in for about 30,000.

With the action back on McGonagle he check raises all in for 37,500. It folds back to the player in the cutoff who goes deep into the tank and after more than three minutes a clock is called. Before the countdown begins he makes the call putting both players at risk and the hands are shown.

McGonagle: 7♣️7♥️
Cutoff: J♥️7♥️
Button: K♥️K♦️

McGonagle turns over pockets sevens and is great shape to scoop the monster pot. "Put a jack out there" says the cutoff player but the 8♠️ turn and 2♣️ complete the board. McGonagle scoops the massive pot chipping up to over 100,000 and is now one of the largests stacks in the room.