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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Event 12: No Days Off For Billy Pappas

Event 12: $1,200 NLH (Re-Entry)
$125,000 Guaranteed

Level 3: 100/200
Total Entries: 84
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Billy Pappas
Billy Pappas has been on fire this series starting off by narrowly missing the Event 1 final table finishing in 11th place for nearly $7,500. He followed that up with another 11th place finish in the $300 NLH Monster Stack.

When he was eliminated from the Monster Stack he wasted no time jumping straight into the $400 NLH Big Stack Bounty Event last night. "I'm not finishing 11th this time he told us and he stayed true to his word.

This time Pappas would indeed make the final table and when six players remained they agreed to a deal in which Pappas took second place along with $4,500.

That event wrapped up in the early morning hours but he was right back in the Event 12 field this morning. As we take a walk by his table here today we catch Pappas check raising his opponent on the flop and taking down a pot.

He looks to be picking up right where he left off and will certainly be one to keep an eye on as the tournament progresses.