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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Event 1: 4th Place- Chris Orme ($25,884)

Event 1: $600 NLH (Re-Entry) $500,000 GTD

Level 33: 80,000/160,000/20,000
Total Event 1 Entries: 939
Total Players Remaining: 3


Chris Orme (pictured) raises to 350,000 and Michael Dobbs calls from the big blind. They go heads up to the 9♠️8♠️2♥️ flop and Dobbs leads out with a bet of 400,000. Orme makes the call and the dealer burns and turns the J♥️.

Dobbs fires out a bet of 750,000 and Orme raises to 2,100,000. With the action back on Dobbs he re-reraises all in and Orme calls for just over 5,000,000 total.

Dobbs: J♦️8♦️
Orme: A♥️8♥️ 

Dobbs shows jack eight of diamonds for two pair and Orme holds a pair and the nut flush draw. The 2♣️ river card is no help to Orme and he is our 4th place Event 1 finisher taking home $25,884.

Dobbs extends his chip lead to over 13,000,000 and there are now just three players remaining.

Michael Dobbs- 13,500,000
Chris Orme- Eliminated in 4th Place ($25,884)