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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Event 1: Heads Up Deal, Mark Shcumacher Wins the Trophy and $72,047

When the final two event one players began heads up the stacks were nearly even. They agreed to stop the clock and discuss and adjusted payout agreement.

It didn't take long before they struck a deal and agreed to divide the top two payouts evenly. Both players will be taking home $72,047. They then played for the trophy and Mark Schumacher came out on top.
Michael Dobbs (left) and Mark Schumacher (right) make a heads up deal to take home $72,047 each.
This is Schumacher's first major title and with this score he has now amassed over $200,000 in live career tournament earnings.

Below is a full list of the Event 1 final table payouts.

1. Mark Schumacher- $72,047+Trophy
2. Michael Dobbs- $72,047
3. Chris Smith- $37,223
4. Chris Orme- $25,884
5. Anthony DiComo- $17,995
6. Tim Lydon- $14,051
7. Carlo Sciannameo- $10,846
8. Aaron Belardo- $8,628
9. Glen Minxolli- $7,149
10. Tony Pham- $5,916