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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Event #5 ($400 NLH Big Stack Bounty Semi Turbo) - Clock Called, Nuts Folded

Andres Benitez

Level:  10
Blinds: 400/800
Ante: 100
Current Entries: 175
Current Players Remaining: 120
Average Stack: 43,750

According to a few players at the table, a very odd hand just took place.

A player under the gun had raised to 1,800, and there were three total callers.

The flop came Q♣JT. The original raiser bet 1,800, and only Andres Benitez called (on the button).

The turn was the A♠. The original raiser again bet 1,800, and Benitez raised to 9,000.  The player called.

The river was the K, putting the Broadway straight on the board. The original raiser checked, Benitez laughed a bit, and then moved all in.  The player went deep into the tank. Nearly five minutes passed before someone called the clock.  At the end of the countdown, the player hesitantly mucked his hand and said, "I folded a set."

Benitez showed K3, and the pot was pushed over to him.

Andres Benitez - 55,000 (68 bb)