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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Event #1, Day 2 - "He Was Trapping Ace-King"

Stephen Song - 59th Place - $1,813

Level:  19
Blinds: 3,000/6.000
Ante: 1,000
Current Players Remaining: 56
Average Stack: 340,000
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Stephen Song was recently eliminated from play by Foxwoods regular Fred Paradis.

According to table mate Will Failla, Paradis raised to 14,000, and Song made it 49,000. Paradis moved all in for 500,000, and Song quickly called for his remaining 350,000.

Paradis: A♠3♠
Song: A♣K♠

There was a 3 in the window, and unfortunately for Song, he was unable to improve.

"He was trapping ace-king," Failla says sarcastically.

Song takes home $1,813 for his 59th place finish, and Paradis now sits with 850,000.

Fred Paradis - 850,000 (141 bb)
Stephen Song - Eliminated in 59th Place, for $1,813