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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Main Event - Early Day Double For Dan Chalifour Through Stephen Song

Level: 23
Blinds:  8,000/16,000
Ante: 2,000
Entries: 169
Current Players Remaining: 7
Average Chips:  724,285
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After a very early day double for Dan Chalifour (against Stephen Song), the chips have shifted around the table slightly.

According to the table, Chalifour had raised with 7-7 and was called by Song. The flop came 8♠2♠2x. Chalifour bet, and Song called. The turn was the 4. Chalifour bet, Song raised, and Chalifour called. The river was the 5♠. Chalifour checked, Song shoved all in, and Chalifour called.

Song showed K♣9♠, for king high, and Chalifour took down the pot to double up.

Dan Chalifour - 1,600,000 (100 bb)
Stephen Song - 400,000 (25 bb)