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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Event #4 ($300 NLH Big Stack) Update/Notables

Mark Walsh - A Friendly Face in the Crowd

Level: 6
Blinds:  150/300
Ante: 25
Current Entrants: 153
Current Players Remaining:  131
Average Chip Stack:  31,832

Players are just returning from their first break of the day. They will return to play Level 6, with 150/300 blinds and a 25 ante.

Here is a look at a few of the notables in the crowd: 

Charles Bunker
Raj Patel
Luke Vrabel
Mac VerStandig
Michael Guzzardi
Linda Swears
John Clifford
Seunghwan Lee
James Thibault
Corbin Avery
William Morales
The General
Hillary Joblonski
Laurie Hilton
April Than
Michael Cervone
TJ Leonard
Patrick Jackson
Andrew Dubuque
Eric Siegel
Anthony Magistrale

As a reminder, registration is open until the start of Level 11, so anyone wishing to enter/re-enter has until then to do so.  This tournament boasts a $25,000 guarantee, and will play to a conclusion tonight.