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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Event #1, Flight B - Advancing Players (By Chip Count)

Here is a look at the 19 players advancing to Day 2 in the money from Flight B of the $600 No-Limit Hold'em Multi Flight Re-Entry event. These 19 will join with the 14 from Flight A, along with any that bag in Flights C and D to play Day 2.  Day 2 play will begin at 12:00 noon on Tuesday May 9th. 

So far, no players have bagged in more than one flight.  Any player to do so will carry only their largest stack forward, and will be compensated $1,200 for each additional stack that they bag.

Below is the full list of advancing players from Flight B.  (The Flight A list of advancing players can be found by clicking this link.)

Name: Chip Count:
Farnen, Dan 373,000
Maclellan, Jon 269,500
Gorenc, Marty 255,000
Wiley, Brendan 225,500
Sarantear, Stephen 220,500
Smith, Aaron 192,000
Sall, Jeffrey 188,500
Penikas, Tom 184,000
Barham, Aaron 181,000
Confesor, Jorge 150,000
Heinzmann, Joe 138,500
Radochia, Paul 106,000
Chalifour, Dan 105,000
Matos, Joe 99,500
Ribeiro, Ed 97,000
Sciannameo, Carlo  84,000
Zampitella, Steve 75,500
Donovan, Zach 74,000
Hilton, Laurie 61,500