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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Frank Sgambato Eliminated By Kurt Lombard (Event #6)

On a board reading [qc][6h][3s][3d][2c], Frank Sgambato shoves all in from early position.  Kurt Lombard, the player on the button, tanks for nearly a minute before moving his stack forward to call. 

Sgambato turns over [js][jc].  Lombard turns over [qs][qh] for a full house.  Sgambato asks, "What the heck are you waiting for?"  To which Lombard replies, "I just wanted to make sure." 

After a close count of chips, it's determined that Lombard has Sgambato covered. 

"Good hand," Sgambato says to Lombard before walking back over to the cage to rebuy.

Lombard is now sitting with just under 50,000 in chips. 

Full House is Good for Kurt Lombard