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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Aleksey Filatov Takes From Carlos Gio Solerti (Event #7 $250 PLO HIGH)

Scott Butler raises to 2,400 from under the gun.  Aleksey Filatov pots to 8,700 in the hijack.  Action folds to Carlos "Gio" Solerti in the small blind who pots it to 29,400.  Bulter folds, and Filatov goes into the tank. 

Solerti says to Filatov, "You can fold man.  Just let it go, I will show you, I have a huge hand."  Filatov responds, "I have a huge hand, I know what you have."  Solerti quickly says, "No, no you don't man. Just let it go." 

After another minute of thinking, Filatov calls. 

The flop comes [qh][js][6c].  Both players check. 

Both players again check when the turn comes the [qc].

When the [4d] comes on the river. Filatov bets 20,000.  Solerti pauses, and then throws in the 20,000 to call. 

Filatov turns over [kh][ks][4c][4h], having hit a full house on the river. 

"Come on man, how are you calling pre?  You hit a two outer?  You never fold. How did you call pre?" Solerti questions as he turns over [kd][kc][ah][ac]. 

Solerti is now down to 66,000, and Filatov is by far the chip leader with just about 200,000 in chips.