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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Main Event, Flight A - Ted Driscoll Doubles Three Times to Reach Comfort Level

Ted Driscoll - pictured here in Event #1

Level: 11
Blinds: 500/1,000
Ante: 100
Entries: 131
Current Remaining: 70
Avg. Chip Stack: 56,142
Live Streamed Feature Table:

Ted Driscoll was just down to 3,000 in chips (3 big blinds) a few hands ago. He doubled up twice, and said that he would like to double a third time to feel comfortable.

Action folds to Driscoll in middle position who moves his 19,000 chips all in.  It folds to the player in the small blind who shrugs, and hesitantly calls for over half of his stack.

Driscoll: AQ♠
Small Blind: 7♠7♣

"It's a classic race," a player not involved in the hand says aloud to the table.

"I just wish someone else would have isolated so I could fold here," the small blind says.

The flop comes A♠10♠9 giving Driscoll the lead with a pair of aces.

The 6♠ turn and 2♣ river are safe, and Driscoll will double a third time.

Ted Driscoll - 48,000