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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Main Event, Flight A - A Star Packed Field, A Lively Feature Table

Level: 3
Blinds: 75/150
Current Entries: 91
Starting Stack: 30,000
Live Streamed Feature Table:

We are just three levels into the first flight of Event #9, and the field is packed with what the cool kids are calling "G.O.A.T.S" these days.  The live streamed feature table has been very lively this morning and includes many notables, with The General keeping them all awake and lively. 

Live Streamed Feature Table:
Laurie Hilton (Seat 1)
James Magner  (Seat 2)
Michael Azzaro (Seat 3)
Fred Paradis (Seat 6)
The Genearl (Seat 7)
Ted Driscoll (Seat 8)

Here are a few additional notables in the Flight A field:

William Frederick
Jeff Yanchek
Zach Donovan
James Campbell
Carlo Sciannameo
Peter Sennon
Michael Esposito
Jonathan Berger
Victor Paulino
Chris Tryba
Michael Dobbs
JeWook Oh
Robert Ricciuti
Jean Joseph
Michael Sanders
Brad St. Vincent
Gennadiy Kostrov
Jeremy Meachem
Dave Stefanski
Sam Taylor
Michael Nye
Spiro  Mitrokosta