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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Joe Heinzmann Takes One Down (Ev.#2 $300 Omaha Hi-Lo)

Level 3 
Blinds: 50/100
Limit: 100-200

On a board reading [8d][5h][3d], a player in the small blind bets 100.  The players under the gun and in the hijack both call.  Joe Heinzmann raises to 200 on the button, and all three players call.

When the turn comes the [9d]. It checks around to Heinzmann who bets 200.  Only the player in the small blind calls.

When the river comes the [qc], the small blind checks, and Heinzmann bets 200, and his opponent calls.

"Flush, nut low," Heinzmann says as he turns over [ac][2d][4d][4h].

The small blind looks at his cards, and mucks them face down.

Joe Heinzmann - 14,000