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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mike W. Wins 200,000 Chip Pot (Event #1A)

Level 13
Blinds: 800/1,600
Ante: 200

According to players at the feature table, a big hand just played out resulting in the elimination of Ryan Mostafa.  Mostafa raised pre-flop and got a few callers, including Mike W. on the button.

The flop came [kc][ks][4h].  After a betting war between Mostafa and Mike, they were the only two players heading to the turn.

When the turn came the [2s], the players got it all in.  Mike W. had flopped a boat holding [kd][4d], and Mostafa had turned a boat holding [kh][2h].

The [qd] river did not change the outcome, and after a close count of chips, it's determined that Mostafa is eliminated from play.
Mike W. is now sitting with 230,000 in chips, and is the current chip leader of this flight.