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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Event #16 ($500 Freezeout) James Wilsey Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,016)

James Wlsey - 8th Place - $2,016

Blinds: 12,000/24,000
Ante: 4,000

Barry Rosenkranz calls on the button, and James Wilsey shoves all in for 73,000 from the small blind.  Shane Friedlander calls in the big blind, as does Rosenkranz. 

Friedlander shoves all in when the flop comes [ah][6c][5s], and Rosenkraz folds. 

Friedlander shows [as][3d] for a pair of aces, and Wilsey says, "You are way ahead," as he turns over [jc][8d]. 

The turn is the [9c], and the river the [3c], eliminating Wilsey in 8th place, paying $1,616. 

Shane Friedlander - 740,000
James Wilsey - Eliminated