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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Event #16 ($500 Freezeout) - Barry Rosenkranz Eliminated in 5th Place ($3,803)

Barry Rosenkranz - 5th Place -$3,803
Blinds: 15,000/30,000
Ante: 5,000

Barry Rosenkranz is all in and has been called by Shane Friedlander.

Rosenkranz: [as][5s]
Friedlander: [qd][qc]

The board runs out [kh][jh][js][jc][2h].  Friedlander makes a full house, and Rosenkranz is eliminated in 5th place, paying$3,803.

Shane Friedlander - 2,025,000
Barry Rosenkranz - Eliminated