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Monday, March 21, 2016

Event #14A - Two Pair, Three Ways

Blinds: 100/200

On a board reading [as][js][9c], Susan Mariano bets 2,500 in the small blind, and Jay Weaving shoves all in from the big blind, and Dawn Wilensky reshoves over the top.  With action back on Mariano, she tanks for a minute before folding [ac][jh] (top two pair).

Weaving shows [ah][9h] for two pair, and Wilensky shows [ad][9d] for the same two pair.

A player not involved in the hand says to Mariano, "Better to fold than to be beat," to which Wilensky shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

The [7h] came on the turn, and when the [jh] came on the river Mariano's smile lessened a big. 

Wilensky apologized to Mariano and said to Weaving, "All that work for nothin."

Dawn Wilensky - 10,000
Jay Weaving - 20,000
Susan Mariano -  19,500