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Monday, March 21, 2016

Event #14A - Two Pair, Three Ways...Again!

Lynn Murphy

Blinds: 100/200

According to players at a neighboring table, an interesting hand occurred near the table of the previous hand involving three players all having two pair. 

On a board reading [js][10s][3c], Lynn Murphy bet 1,000 from the small blind, a player in middle position raised to 3,000, and the player on the button called.  With action back on Murphy, she shoved all in, and the middle position player called.  With action back on the button, he shoved all in for more than Murphy, but middle position had both of the players covered, and he called both of the all ins. 

Murphy:  [kc][jc] (pair of jacks)
Middle Position: [jh][10h] (top two pair)
Button: [10d][3d] (bottom two pair)

The [9c] on the turn did not change the hand, but when the river came the [kd], Murphy's two pair would take the pot, and she was awarded a full triple up. 

Lynn Murphy - 23,000