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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Final 2 Tables Reached

With the elimination of Raphael Richter in 19th place, the final two tables have been reached in the Championship Event. The third table has been broken, so here are the seating assignments for the final two tables:

Seat 1: Samantha Cohen
Seat 2: Jeffrey Miller
Seat 3: Mark Schumacher
Seat 4: Giuseppe Ruvolo
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo
Seat 6: Jeffrey Yanchek
Seat 7: Marsel Backa
Seat 8: Suad Kantarevic
Seat 9: James Campbell

Seat 1: Tim Reilly
Seat 2: Ralph Macri
Seat 3: Dan Chalifour
Seat 4: Tim O'Keefe
Seat 5: Jason Scudamore
Seat 6: Randy Spain
Seat 7: Tou Kue
Seat 8: Bryan Leskowitz
Seat 9: Long Tran