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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Giuseppe Ruvolo doubles through Fred Paradis

Giuseppe Ruvolo counts his stack for Fred Paradis after moving all in
At 125,000/250,000 blinds, Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in from the small blind for 5,300,000.  Fred Paradis made the call from the big blind, and he had the best hand with [5d][5c].  But Giuseppe had two overs with his [Ac][9c].

The [Ts][3h][9h] favored Giuseppe, and now Fred would need to catch a five to eliminate his opponent.  The [6s] was close, but not quite what he needed.  When the [Qh] hit the river, Giuseppe celebrated his double-up and thanked Fred.  As he shipped over a good portion his stack, he said, "Really? Thank you? Right after you win a hand against me?"

Fred still has a healthy stack of 11,500,000, but has lost the chip lead after this hand.