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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Luca Pignatiello makes a good call to double through John Quirk

Luca Pignatiello (standing, right) awaits the river card
On a [Ks][Tc][Kc] flop, John Quirk checked to Luca Pignatiello who bet 1,500,00.  John rereaised all in and Luca was put to a big decision.  He eventually made the call, and it was good one.  Luca's [Qh][Th] was ahead of John's [4h][4d], and if he could dodge a four, he would double up.  The turn fell [2d] and the river [Jd], and Luca's stack was counted down.  He had just over 4 million total, so he will double up to 9,600,000, while John will drop to 7,300,000.