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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Giuseppe Ruvolo doubles through Luca Pignatiello

Giuseppe Ruvolo (blue shirt) claps his hands in excitement
On a [4h][Kd][Jc][8h] board, Luca Pignatiello checked and Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in for just under 3,000,000.  Luca talked out the hand aloud, explaining that he didn't think Giuseppe had a king.  After torturing himself with the decision for some time, Luca eventually made the call.  Giuseppe knew he was good as he proudly slammed down his [Kc][7c], which was indeed ahead of Luca's [Js][Ts].  The [4d] meant Giuseppe would double up, and he clapped his hands in excitement.

Luca Pignatiello agonizes over his decision