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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Event 5 $300 Seniors NLH: "The Bus" Stops In

$300 Seniors NLH (Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed
Level 3: 100/200/200 BB Ante
Total Entries: 170

Bobby "The Bus" Ferdinand
Bobby "The Bus" Ferdinand is having himself a series to remember and he has just taken his seat here in the Seniors NLH event.

Ferdinand made a deep run in Event 1 falling just short of the final table and he was right back in his seat in yesterday's seven card stud event.

This time Ferdinand did indeed make the final table and in the late night hours a heads up deal was made.

Ferdinand was holding the chip lead but agreed to let his opponent take the trophy since he already has five Foxwoods Poker trophies of his own and he took home $4,239 in cold hard cash.