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Friday, December 7, 2018

Event 6 ($400 NLH): 12th Place- Caleb Clarke ($2,132)

$400 NLH (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed
Level 23: 12,000/24,000/24,000 BB Ante
Entries: 407
Players Remaining: 11

eature Table Live Stream Link:

Caleb Clarke
Caleb Clarke raised to 48,000 from late position and Nick Gerrity re-raised to 100,000 from the button. It folded back to Clarke who moved all in for about 350,000 and Gerrity called.

Clarke turned over Q♥️Q♣️ and Gerrity showed 8♥️8♠️. "I'm running pretty good" said Gerrity just as the dealer fanned the Q♦️7♣️4♥️ flop.

Clarke improved to top set and it looked like a sure double up was on the way.

The 6♠️ turn card gave Gerrity picked up a gutshot straight draw. The 5♣️ hit the river and the table erupted as Gerrity improved to a straight to crack Clarke's top set.

Clarke was eliminated in 12th place earning $2,131 and Gerrity takes the chip lead with just 11 players remaining. 

Nick Gerrtiy- 2,200,000