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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Event 9C ($600 NLH): Podheiser Bursts the Bubble

Event 9: $600 NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 17: 2,500/5,000/5,000 BB Ante
Day 1C Entries: 300
Day 1C Players Remaining: 36
Feature Table Live Stream Link:
Dan Podheiser
Dan Podheiser raised to 13,000 from the hijack and Vito Masi called from the cutoff. The player in the small blind called and they went three handed to the 8♦️8♥️6♣️ flop.

It checked to Masi who bet 25,000 and the small blind called. With the action back on Podheiser he check-raised to 90,000.

Masi quickly folded and the player in the small blind tossed in one chip in an attempt to move all in. Since no all in was announced it was ruled a called and the player was left with about 20,000 behind.

The dealer burned and turned the K♦️ and the player check to Podheiser who moved all in. His opponent quickly tossed the last of his chips in the pot and the hands were shown.

Podheiser showed A♥️Q♠️ for just ace high and his opponent showed 10♠️10♦️. The A♦️ hit the river and the table erupted as Podheiser spiked an ace putting a brutal beat on his opponent.

The massive pot was shipped Podheiser's way and the remaining 36 Day 1C players are now all in the money and guaranteed at least $1,200 for their efforts.