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Monday, August 20, 2018

Event 5 $400 NLH: Minxolli Doubles Early

Event 5 $400 NLH Monster Stack
$80,000 Guaranteed
Level 7: 200/400/400
Total Entries: 400

Glen Minxolli
As we pick up on the Event 5 Monster Stack action we see Glen Minxolli sitting behind a big stack. In the previous blind level the action folded to the cutoff who limped in and the small blind raised to 725.

Minxolli called from the big blind and the player in the cutoff called. They saw a flop of Q♣️6♥️8♥️ and the small blind checked. Minxolli bet 900 and the cutoff called. 

The small blind check-raised to 3,200 and Minxolli made it 7,900. The cutoff folded and the small blind called. Both players checked the 4♥️ turn card and the river was the 2♣️.

The small blind checked and Minxolli moved all in for just over 21,000. His opponent called and Minxolli turned over 6♣️6♠️ for a flopped set of sixes. The player fired his hand into the muck and Minxolli earned the early double up.

Glen Minxolli- 67,000