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Monday, August 27, 2018

$1,700 NLH Main Event: 3rd Place- Giuliano Lentini ($76,269)

Event 10: $1,700 NLH
$500,000 Guaranteed
Level 29: 40,000/80,000/10,000
Total Entries: 519
Players Remaining: 2
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Giulian Lentini
Giuliano Lentini moves all in on the button for 390,000 and Gordon Wilcox calls out of the small blind. Jason Bolton calls as well and any further action would create a side pot between Bolton and Wilcox.

They check it to the river as the board comes       and Wilcox bets 1,000,000 and Bolton folds. Wilcox shows    and wins the pot against Lentini's   .

Lentini hits the rail in third place for $74,269 and Wilcox takes a huge chip lead into heads-up play against Bolton.

Gordon Wilcox - 12,870,000
Giuliano Lentini - Eliminated